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In today’s world, we all need more energy. The beautiful thing about energy is that it can all be found in Mother Nature, not energy drinks! When you give your body what it needs--real, live, whole food supplements for energy—natural energy increases along with a whole list of other amazing benefits. Unlike the jittery energy caffeinated drinks provide, our natural energy boosters are sure to give you pure, radiant, vibrant energy that lasts all day with no crash.

The beauty of our natural energy boosters is that each of them provide energy in the form of nutrients, so you’re sure to find a product that works perfectly for you. We also made it simple and easy to take. Just grab your shaker cup and go! Don’t forget, we only use the cleanest ingredients from around the world. We have great energy supplements without caffeine, GMO’s, synthetics, added sugar, artificial sugar, fillers, preservatives, or other harmful ingredients that cause crashes and dependency.

education is power.
do you know the harm that energy drinks can cause?

As stated in "Energy Drink Side Effects" in the Caffeineinformer.com

  1. palpitations/tachycardia
  2. tremors/shaking
  3. agitation/restlessnes
  4. gastrointestinal upset
  5. chest pain/ischaemia
  6. dizziness/syncope
  7. paraesthesia (tingling or numbness of the skin)
  8. insomnia
  9. respiratory distress
  10. headaches

Don’t take something just for energy. Get to the core of the problem and give your body what it needs - nutrients! Check out our products below and dive in.


  • Green apple flavor
  • Naturally increase your energy level*
  • Assist your weight-loss efforts by reducing your appetite and improving your metabolism*
  • Reduce inflammation and help relieve your stiff joints and achy muscles*
  • Lower your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke*
  • Protect your vision from age-related vision loss and blindness (ARMD)*
  • Help you maintain strong bones*
  • Support your immune function and increase your resistance to infections*
  • Reduce allergy symptoms without drowsiness*
  • Improve your mental acuity, protecting your mind and memory*
  • Detoxify toxic metals and chemicals*
  • Help slow aging of your skin and dulling of your hair*
  • Restore healthy digestion*
  • Inhibit the hardening of your arteries *

  • Nanolean

  • Natural berry flavor
  • Reduces body fat*
  • Controls stress*
  • Boosts metabolism*
  • Healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Curbs cravings and appetite*
  • Balances mood*
  • Happy feeling*

  • Nanominerals

    • Natural berry flavor
    • 100% complete chelated
    • multi-minerals
    • Chelated for optimal
    • bioavailability and absorption
    • Non-GMO and
    • vegan friendly
    • The first and only chelated
    • minerals created in powder
    • form Contains only Albion
    • minerals, the world leader in
    • complete chelated minerals
    • Clinically researched
    • Created for a
    • therapeutic effect*
    • Supports healthy
    • metabolism and hydration*
    • energy production
    • and muscle function*

    • Fruit punch flavor
    • Support healthy detoxification*
    • Boost your energy naturally, without the use of stimulants*
    • Supplement low-calorie and low-carb diets*
    • Bolster your mood and memory*
    • Help fight aging, including protecting eye health*
    • Support healthy cardiovascular function and digestion*
    • Maintain optimal immune function*
    • Supports exercise recovery*
    • Antioxidant power of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables