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12.7 ounce container of nanomega 3 vegan omega 3 supplement powder

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Golden Flaxseed + Marine Algae + Vitamin D and E Complex + Tocotrienols

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How To Enjoy: Mix one scoop of nanomega with 6-8 ounces cold water, juice or milk. Shake or blend and enjoy!

Children under 12 take half a serving.

IMPORTANT:I am a food! Must be refrigerated upon arrival. Consume within 6 weeks of opening. Product is guaranteed for 90 days from date of invoice and only if stored properly.

Be your own mixologist! nanomega is delicious when mixed with other nanos too. Our favorite way is with coconut or unsweetened almond milk!

When to take it: nanomega is great any time of day. We love to take ours first thing in the morning to alkalize, energize, increase awesomeness and give you what you need to take on the world.

Wake up. Shake it up. #nanolove

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nanomega vegan omega-3 supplement

Are you looking for an alternative to eating fatty fish or taking fish oil? We have just the thing for you! nanomega is our vegetarian/vegan alternative to fish oil.

You may have considered a fish oil supplement to increase your omega-3 intake, but perhaps fish oil pills are not an option for you because you are a vegan, vegetarian or you just cannot handle the fish burps. Or, maybe you don't like the fishy taste (or after effects) of fish oil supplements. You can still get the omega-3 EFAs that you need with our vegan Omega-3 supplement, nanomega.

Not only does nanomega provide you with the needed omega-3 essential fatty acids, but it also has a delicious pineapple/orange flavor and no fish burps.

Product Details:

Created from the worlds best organic golden flaxseed and marine algae, this formulation is brilliantly put together to give you your essential omega-3 fatty acids and help keep your heart, brain and vision working at optimal level. With our natural enhanced absorption, you see and feel the benefits much faster.

The best part of all, no chalky aftertaste. Our nanomega powder is an orange pineapple blend that is great in just water and even better in almond milk or coconut milk! Add nanomega with your other nano products to get even more benefits.

And do not forget like all of our products we add a handful of extra ingredients to nanomega like curcumin, B complex, vegan vitamin D3 and pre-biotic fiber to give your body optimal health benefits while keeping your daily supplement stash to a minimum. It is lifelong wellness made easy.

nanomega features:

  • Great taste, instant mixing
  • Whole food rich in phytonutrients and fiber
  • Vegan & Non GMO
  • 100% Vitamins D3, E, +B6, B12, & Folate
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • High ORAC (4854/serving!)
  • Low net carb

With no:

  • Fishy tastes or smells
  • Fish oil burps
  • Egg, dairy, fish or animal products
  • Extra pro-oxidant rancidity burden
  • Oceanic heavy metals and pollutants
  • Soy protein+, wheat, yeast, and gluten,
  • Artificial colors or preservatives, flavors, MSG or glutamate peptides

The Benefits of nanomega

By incorporating DHA and MeadowPure* organic golden flax seeds, vitamins E, B6, B12, folic acid, vegan vitamn D3 and SuperSorb into nanomega we have created a superior supplement formulated to support:

  • Healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Maintenance of optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels*
  • Maintenance of optimal blood pressure*
  • Mental focus and memory*
  • Healthy mood*
  • Visual acuity*
  • Healthy nerves*
  • Healthy skin and hair*
  • Healthy joints and bones*
  • Gastro-intestinal health*
  • Balanced immune system*
  • Healthy prostate and breast cells*

nanomega FAQ

Q. Are the natural flavors really natural?

Yes, we do not use any artificial ingredients or any glutamate derivative flavor enhancers.

Q. Can I take both nanoEPA (fish oil) and nanomega?

Yes, as adding nanomega increases your total omega-3 intake, especially ALA, as well as extra vitamins, minerals, fiber and an especially absorbable delivery form of the beneficial herb, turmeric. Please check with your health professional if you need further direction.

Q. How are the vitamins synergistic?

B vitamins are important in the conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA. B vitamins also support brain and heart health, in particular by helping to lower a pro-inflammatory substance called homocysteine.

Q. How do you keep the product fresh and stable?

The secret is our Meadow Pure flaxseed which carefully selects only fully mature flaxseeds, which are richest in antioxidants.

Q. How is nanomega better than fish oil?

nanomega is a much more complete nutrient than plain fish oil. It is far richer in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and phytoestrogens. nanomega is a vegan product, made from organic ingredients, from an environmentally sustainable source. There are no pills to swallow or objectionable tastes, and best of all no resultant fish burps! Learn more here.

Q. Is nanomega glutamate (MSG) free?


Q. Is nanomega gluten free?

Yes, nanomega does not contain gluten, wheat, barely, rye, corn or oats

Q. Is nanomega organic?

Yes, nanomega is made with certified organic ingredients which by definition means greater than 70% organic. nanomega is non-GM0, and additive and preservative free.

Q. Is nanomega safe for children?

Yes. As soon as children have enough teeth to chew food, presuming no medical conditions warranting food avoidance or prescription drug use, they may enjoy up to a scoop a day (1/2 scoop if under 6). As children approach puberty up to two scoops may be enjoyed. If you have questions, please consult your family health provider. For infants, it is likely being breast feed by a mother who is enjoying two scoops a day is the best advice.

Q. Is nanomega safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Yes. We recommend 2-3 scoops a day for pregnant women, presuming the approval of the health care provider in charge!

Q. Is nanomega soy free?

nanomega contains lecithin which is oil from a non-GMO soybean, as part of our patented SuperSorb liposome which enhance the absorption of select, otherwise poorly bioavailable ingredients. Most allergens come from the soy protein, which nanomega is free of.

Q. What are lignans?

Lignans are a phytonutrient (plant nutrient) of the classification known as polyphenols. They act like weak estrogens and are therefore called phytoestrogens. Lignans are also powerful antioxidants. The lignan content is likely one reason why flaxseed consumption is thought to support the health of the breast, prostate and colon.

Q. What is the difference between nanoEPA and nanomega?

For a comparison chart of nanoEPA and nanomega, click here

Q. What is the equivalent of one scoop of nanomega to fish and fish oil?

nanomega supplies the omega-3 content of a full serving of most fish. Depending on a persons ability to convert ALA to EPA, the equivalent in total EPA/ DHA per serving is 200 to 500 EPA/DHA. To learn more see Flax vs Fish: The Alpha and the Omega.

Q. What is the supersorb enhanced delivery system?

supersorb enhanced delivery systems currently include:

using forms of phytonutrients and zoonutrients that are more bioavailable.

using forms of vitamins or minerals that are more bioavailable using micro-encapsulation to make ingredients more bioavailble.

Q. Which should I take, nanomega or nanoEPA?

nanomega might better if you want a satisfying meal (mixed with nanogreens and/or nanoreds and nanopro), especially for maximum fiber, nutrition, weight loss and balanced blood sugar diets. It is also a good choice if you are a vegan. If you desire mega doses of EPA/DHA for nutritional support because you are concerned with arthritis, coronary vascular disease or dementia risk, several teaspoons daily of nanoEPA might be preferred. Of course, if you like things simple, nanoEPA can be taken straight by the spoon.

Q. Why natural Vitamin D3? VilcashineTM

Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, is generally agreed to be twice as bioavailable as vitamin D2, ergocalciferol. Fish is the best source of vitamin D in the diet, followed by vit D2 fortified milk. 100% of the DV of vitamin D was added to this nanomega. Vit D is not only important for strong bones, but also breast and prostate health and a strong immune system. Many of us not living in the warm, sunny southern parts of the USA do not get enough vitamin D, especially if we are dark skinned or do not get moderate or regular sun exposure.

Q. Why natural Vitamin E Succinate?

Natural vitamin E, derived from foods, is thought to be twice as bioavailable as synthetic vitamin E, derived from oil. Because polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) like omega 3 and omega 6 are easily oxidized in the body, extra vitamin E should always be taken with EPA/ DHA supplements. The succinate form is thought to be most protective of breast and prostate health.

Q. Why is nanomega better than just taking flaxseed?

Although flaxseed has many benefits, its major drawback is that the short chain omega-3 fatty acids are not well converted to the all important long chain fatty acid DHA, which is so important for brain and eye health. nanomega provides 100 mg of DHA per serving, not from fish, but from the micro-algae fish, the very source of DHA! Plus nanomega also provides synergistic vitamins (E, D, B6, B12 & folate)and 70 mg of high-antioxidant turmeric. Perhaps most important, ready to mix nanomega is absolutely delicious!

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Good Product but... February 28, 2016
Reviewer: Steve S. from Minneapolis, MN United States  
...flavor could be improved.  It can be overpowering in smoothies.

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Bio Pharma shipments January 7, 2016
Reviewer: Clara Potter from Freeport, FL United States  
My sister received her nanomega 3 this time with no problems. I received my nanomega 3 and nanoreds
with no problems. Both are outstanding products
and I highly recommend them!

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Fantastic November 13, 2015
Reviewer: katie shugert from brecksville, OH United States  
Tastes amazing makes me feel great!

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Love My Nano! August 22, 2015
Reviewer: GiGi Wong-Monaco from Flossmoor, IL United States  
LOVE IT! Long time customer since 2012!  So good, got my husband, step daughter and husband's doctor on it too!

My rep was Mindy Montgomery, miss her.

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Healthy life using biopharma products August 16, 2015
Reviewer: Joe Alba from Porterville, CA United States  
Two and a half years ago I got bit by a Egyptian mosquito and came close to death and  after a five day stay in the hospital once they knew what medication to give me I started to get well. Once out of the hospital I started looking and reading on the internet. My right eye was looking at my nose I read about nanomega that it was for vision improvement so I ordered it. I was excited when I received it I read the directions and took it faithfully in eight weeks my eye straitened out so thank you for this product, since then I'm taking Nano Pro Vegan, Nanolean, Nanogreens10.  Thank you for having these products available for us especially our Bodies thank you.

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