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Chelated Multi Minerals

nanominerals - The Most Complete Multi Minerals Supplements Formula On The Market

Ever since grade school, we’ve been told that we need vitamins and minerals. Minerals are by far the most important out of all the elements in Mother Nature. They connect the dots that put all your nutrients together in the body. However, the average person today does not get all of the essential minerals their body needs to function at its best because of an over-abundance of heavily processed foods and food-like products, and that is where whole food mineral supplements come in to save the day.

A multi minerals dietary supplement will provide your body with all of the essential minerals it needs to stay or become healthy and strong. Our all-natural essential minerals supplement packs contain a wide range of minerals from naturally-occurring, non-GMO sources that can help provide metabolism support and also support muscle function and energy production – just to name a few.

What Are Chelated Multi Minerals?
"Chelated Minerals" is a scientific term referring to a very specific molecular reaction that takes place between a molecule and a nutritional mineral. Chelation is a natural process that happens in the gut to facilitate transportation of nutritional minerals across the intestinal wall as a part of digestion. As our body is not very efficient at producing chelated minerals, we created nanomineral, which has chelated multi minerals and assures greater efficiencies of absorption.

Did you know that minerals play a role in:

  • Overall cell function. (Minerals help cells do their job.)*
  • Immunity*
  • Muscle Function*
  • Heart Function/Heart Contraction*
  • Activation of the white and red blood cells*
  • Better hydration (cellular and skin)*
  • Antioxidant protection*

When choosing a mineral supplement,
one common mistake is that most don't know
where to start. Not just any mineral does the job.

You must make sure that:

  1. The minerals come from real, live, whole food.
    Not synthetically created in a lab.
  2. The elements come from clean sourcing
    and have no fillers and no chemicals
  3. You get the full spectrum of minerals that our
    bodies need, not just a few.
  4. Your body can actually absorb the mineral.