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My name is Sarah Kelly; I am a fan and believer in the nano products. In 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time. This time I had stomach cancer and I was off to surgery to remove it. As time went on I was very ill and couldn't eat anything (liquid diet only) or keep anything down. My Dr. introduced me to the nanogreens, telling me that I need nutrition in my body and this was a good way to go. It was afraid to try it at first since nothing was staying down and I didn't have the energy to make something to just make me sick again. My Oncologist encouraged me to just try it as I really needed the nutrition and it was simple to mix. So I had decided to try just knowing I was to be sick from it. To my surprise I didn't get sick from it and in fact over time I noticed that I was getting stronger, my hair, nails and skin started to look alive again; not that I had hair but it finally started to come in. I was able to go do things with my 2 kids whom were just starting their teen years. Cancer not only had a toll on my but my family as well. Everyday I grew stronger and stronger, slowly noticed that my body was finally healing and I was getting my life back. Sticking to the nano through out the rest of my treatment and there after was the best thing I ever did. Without the nutrition I was not only fighting cancer but I was fighting to stay alive do to lack of nutrition. I continue to take nanogreens and I still am taking in the benefits of the wonderful product that helped give me my life back.

I'm not one to brag about a product or talk about the hard times in my life as we all struggle with things and I'm no different. But The nano products will always be in my life and my children's who are not in there 20's. I thank the DR for showing me this product and really pushing me to try it for my own health. This product I feel really saved me and I can't say enough about them just try them if you're fighting the same fight. Trust me you will not regret it!

Sarah Kelly