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I have been using your nanogreens Product now for over 5 years. Since my friend Dr. Dennis suggested that it would probably help my blood sugar with regards to my elevated blood sugar levels that were complicating my recovery, from a very invasive wisdom tooth extraction, resulting in the opening of the nasal cavity above the root. So long story shot I began using the nanogreens, And to my complete surprise my Blood sugar levels began to nearly immediately fall, and after 3 months my A1c level dropped from 7.1 to 6.8 and my meter readings in the morning were consistently 140 or below, and from time to time exactly 100.

Any people who have to deal with this diabetes Problem Definitely should try this Product for At the very least good blood sugar control, of course this is just my personal opinion. But Since I began my Diabetes education with a Blood Sugar Reading @ 597 I have A considerable time at Eliminating this diabetes issue \. Not to mention the overall wellness from morning Shakes of nanogreen, almond milk and favorite Juice, I continue to benefit from.

Thank You For Such A fine Product
Sincerely R.Paul Marshik