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I am a regular customer for ordering nanogreens on Amazon and absolutely love it! The true test of the "green drink" , as I call it, was when we got custody of an 18 month old little boy who we are in the process of adopting. His diet , for most of his young life, was 95% fast food! So, for the first week we had him he wouldn't eat hardly anything I made which consists of whole organic foods.

Then one day I thought well I'll give him a little nanogreens to see if I could get nutrients in him that way. I couldn't believe it, but from the first sip he loved it! And wanted more! His health improved and he seemed to be craving healthy foods! Now, 5 months later he is eating everything I put on his plate! Even steamed broccoli he gobbles up. Every morning when I put him in the high chair he says "geen dink!"

So please pass on this story and send my thanks! Not only has nanogreens improve Weston's health but set a path for a lifetime of heathy eating!

Jc Mason and Family