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nanos have changed my life!! I have always struggled to find a good protein to have for breakfast. I have an egg sensitivity and there are only so many things that are actually healthy that contain protein to have. nanopro was introduced to me by a very good friend and I have been hooked ever since! I have 2.5 scoops chocolate nanopro (it's my favorite!) with 10 ounces of ice cold almond milk, it keeps me full and satisfied until I have my mid morning snack of nanolean and nanoreds. I drink my lean with my reds around 10am and it gives me the boost I need to get through the rest of my morning! And the best part about it is there is absolutely no caffeine crash!

The other product I take is the lemon nanoepa, which has become a family affair at my house in the morning. I have been struggling for years to get my husband to take fish oil with me and this is the only way I can get him to do it!! We have recently started my 11 month old son on them and he gets super excited when I tell him it's nano time. He takes them with ease and always begs for the spoon and bottle when we have all taken our dose! I now know that I couldn't survive with out my nanos and am looking forward to see what other products Biopharma comes up with!!