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I started taking nanos about 3 years ago because my girlfriend recommended it. Initially it was just nanogreens. At first I was a bit apprehensive, because I've heard mixed things about taking supplements. But then she explained about how absorptive it was formulated to be, and how jam-packed it is with antioxidants. And God knows I love me some antioxidants. So I gave it a shot.

My initial reaction was "Dang, this actually tastes good!" So I continued taking it daily. I noticed my energy levels increased and as months and months past, I noticed I hadn't had a cold in awhile.

I then decided to give nanoreds, nanopro, and nanoEPA a shot. To my pleasant surprise they tasted even better than nanogreens. I noticed my skin and hair seemed to be healthier, presumably from the nanoEPA.

Fast forward to now. I'm still taking nanos on a daily basis. And I feel amazing. If you don't think nanos should be a part of your health regimen, you cray!