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p> Redding, Daniel
27-yr-old Male
Phoenix, AZ

When I discovered BioPharma products, I was drinking no less than six Dr. Pepper every day, not including fountain sodas with meals. This was an addiction that had last over a decade. Off and on I would try and get on track nutritionally and fitness wise, but it was never sustained. I was losing sight in both eyes due to keratoconus, and have lost almost all clarity in my right eye. In general, I was feeling all of the aches and pains a tour in the United States Marine Corps gave me. Feeling lethargic most of the time, which was not something I could afford, given that I was going to college full time, working two jobs, and my wife and I were parents to a very active independent one year old girl.

Since discovering the nano’s, I’ve replaced my soda “habit” with nanoleans all the way, I take nanogreens once daily which give me a shot of energy and starts my day right nutritionally… I make better decisions about what I put into my body. I've since switched to a vegan lifestyle, which has blended well with the BioPharma products. I love my EPA, as well, knowing it is helping my eyes. Losing vision so extensively at 28-yrs-old with two daughters is heartbreaking, and every action I can take to stem the tide of the genetic condition is one I am grateful for.

I ran my first half-marathon less than five months after discovering BioPharma, and lost between 10-15 pounds along the way. The lifestyle changes have also helped with PTSD and related symptoms, including insomnia. I'm on track for a Ph.D in English, and I know my daughters and my wife are proud of me. Thank you to BioPharma for helping give me a second chance at enjoying life while young!