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I have to share!!! Okay, I am 43 years young and for the very first time in my life I recently just got a manicure on my real nails.( no acrylic nails) I never could grown healthy nails that I could get manicured. ( have very brittle, thin nails my whole life)

Well, I started taking the bio minerals and after just 2 weeks on them I noticed my nails were getting stronger and longer. It has been around 4 weeks now... and wow my nails look amazing; even my hubby commented on how good they look.

Also, I have been sleeping better too. I never would be able to get a good nights sleep until I started on the minerals.

I am now a BioPharma junkie :) My Mom just ordered two boxes. She feels she is low in some minerals and I told her she must only get the Bio Pharma minerals. :) Her order is under my Dad; Robert Leopardo being sent to New Lenox IL. I also have a friend here in Michigan who may be ordering soon.

Thanks so much for getting me started on the core 4 and now the minerals.... Cannot say enough great things about the products and the company.