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nano products have been a great way for me to shift my life from a pretty sedentary lifestyle after nursing my injuries, and struggling with thyroid issues into a more active one. My energy was at an all time low, but I was not doing myself any favors by not taking better care of myself. Eating vegetables and taking vitamins was never fun for me. Once I realized I could just make a yummy smoothie with nanogreens and incorporate these important nutrients I was lacking, and it would taste good too, I was sold. nanogreens are the best tasting greens, as well as the least gritty of any I have tried, an easy way for me to get in fruits and veggies as well as gain energy and control my appetite. They taste good enough to enjoy alone with water, now that's impressive! Other products I enjoy are the EPA, which has amazing flavor considering its a fish oil and nanolean for energy and appetite control and just happy feelings. Although it may be counterproductive, I can make some delicious cocktails using nanolean :) Brittany