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I know we talk that you have someone going out and trying to get super sports people to endorse your products and doctor s etc. I don’t know that business part well but I truly feel the people you really need to hit up on are in your back yard. The locals and mom's stress out dads and reading your label talks about the kids too. Americans are really killing them selves eating crap. Sorry but its true. All meat fast food. I’m 47 and when I was growing up it seem to me on every corner was like a gasoline stations now there is fast fat food. I guess I would call it.

In my bid pictures I was taken lots of pain meds and others. I could not sleep at night doctor wanted me to do a sea pack for sleeping. I told myself ok Bill this is not me. I ask the Doc. a question that I already knew. I said if I loss weight would I not need it. She said well yes, she probably heard this many times form others I m sure. Yes you would loss a considerable size of weight you wouldn't probably need it. Ok I said time to shift gears I said.

I knew what I had to do I stop all my meds just some sleeping pills for week trash the rest. And order all 4 of your powders. I knew I had to detox my body, my liver counts were cholesterol, and sugars were all high.

I used my Vitamix and push myself to walk each day. I felt like hell, but I knew I had it in me. And we all do but we have to make a mind change and clean out the junk in our heads thinking and praying. I started this journey about September 2012. It’s March 25 2013. And I’m still on the same journey but trying not to look back but putting what I have learned ahead of me. I was a 48"wide pants and now going into a 36" tight but getting better fit size.

I can honestly say I never wrote anything like this in my life. I not looking for anything but to let others know they can do it . Thanks for a great product that you are making. And I hope to stop in by and chat and say hi to everyone there too. I would love to see how its made to maybe sometime production etc. I’m just a hands on guy very simple. Well I can say my thinking is better to .

I really want my brother Dave to do this. I’m afraid he well past away sooner if he doesn't change his eating. He is great brother to me. Maybe you or someone there could reach out and call him. And talk to him educated him on your products. Etc. Ok wow I never in my life wrote this long before. I hope you get this read it and share it post it whatever. If it helps one person to change its worth its weight in Gold the saying goes. Thanks and God bless to all Bill Elarde