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Since 2006 nanogreens, and then nanomega and nanopro have been a part of my food plan, having shakes during the morning and afternoon. I travel for work a lot. Pile that on top of a workout and my wife expecting our first child toward summers' end, and you have the perfect example of a high tempo, high stress lifestyle. My counterparts and co-workers almost to a man suffer maladies like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low testosterone and the like. However, I can gladly announce that I do not. In 2005 my cholesterol danced dangerously close to 300. Today, my cholesterol sits at 168. I'm genetically predisposed to high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as type-two diabetes. Thankfully, and much attributed to me using Biopharma products, I'm holding back the tide of these issues along with managing an incredibly busy and stressful schedule. When people see me drinking the shakes, I often get asked "do you feel better after drinking those?" My response, "I don't really notice a difference while drinking these shakes, but I definitely notice a difference when I'm NOT. Brad Friday Naval Medical Center, Environmental/Preventive Medicine Unit