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three products in one when you're on the go.

With nanomeal, you get all of the benefits of our nanogreens, nanomega , and nanopro, to-go! nanomeal is one scoop of each in a convenient travel pack. Busy lives can still maintain their health with this amazing product. With our natural supersorb technology, we ensure your body absorbs and utilizes every ingredient for better results.

nanomeal ingredients are sourced from the most nutrient rich natural foods in the world (and NO GMOโ€™s)! Ingredients like golden flax, hormone-free whey protein, soluble rice bran, and superfood fruits and vegetables of all the colors are combined to make a great tasting, nutrient-dense meal your body needs for optimal health.*

nanomeal features

  • Antioxidant power of 10 servings of superfood vegetables and fruit
  • Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels*
  • 14 g lean protein (from grass-fed cows)
  • Omega-3โ€™s from organic golden flaxseed + DHA
  • 15 vitamins and minerals
  • Tropical fruit blend flavor
  • perfect for any weight loss program
  • Great for travel
  • Airport security safe
  • No refrigeration needed

nanomeal supports

  • Weight Management*
  • Immune Health*
  • Detoxification*
  • Digestive Health*
  • Heart Health*
  • Brain Health*
  • Vision Health*
  • Joint Health*
  • Vibrant Energy*

The convenient, โ€œany-where-any-timeโ€ travel packet of nanomeal allows you to always have a delicious and nutritious meal with you anywhere life takes you.

Just grab your shaker cup and go. Stay healthy on the run.