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Omega 3s are called Essential Fatty Acids for a reason. Our bodies simply cannot produce these DHA EPA fatty acids on their own, so they have to be added into your diet. Simply stated, our cells need omega 3 fatty acids to function properly and we cannot live without them. Up until this point, you may be taking those awful, large and smelly fish oil pills regularly. Like all of our products, we enhance the absorption naturally through our supersorb technology and our omega 3 supplements come from non-GMO sources and certified with no heavy metals. We also take it a step further than other omega-3s on the market by adding vitamin D and E and Tocotrienols to give you the best health benefits possible and simplify your supplement stash. We don't like to brag, but people tend to say that this is the best fish oil on the market!

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nanoEPA emulsified liquid fish oil supplement in lemon creme flavor nanoEPA: lemon creme
Price: $39.95