When you purchase a health supplement, you want to get the most out of the product. At BioPharma Scientific, we want that too, which is why our products include SuperSorb®.


SuperSorb® is our trademark for the enhanced delivery systems of our products, which is designed to promote greater absorption and utilization of the key product. When selecting ingredients for use in our formulations, we research the latest in extraction, micro-encapsulation and emulsification technologies to ensure you get a superior, safe and effective product.

How SuperSorb® Works for You

As a health-conscious individual, you don't blindly follow the latest fads in "health" marketing. You want to understand what you are consuming and how it helps you, so let us explain how SuperSorb® contributes to your health. 


Increasing Your Nutrient Absorption

When you consume fruits, vegetables and supplements for antioxidants or other nutrients, you may get diluted results since the phytonutrients are unstable, poorly absorbed in water and not effectively distributed throughout your body. To alleviate this problem, we encapsulate key supplement ingredients in a natural phospholipid liposome or "fat body." This method creates a safe passage through the stomach and into the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs.

Eliminating Fishy Burps and Increased Consumption

When it comes to fish oil consumption, you may have experienced fishy burps and discovered that you need to consume higher doses of fish oil to produce the desired effects. Our SuperSorb® delivery system utilizes emulsification – a process that breaks down large fat globules into tiny droplets – to aid digestive enzymes in turning fats to fatty acids. This leads to 300% greater absorption and no fishy burps!

Quicker Absorption Speeds Relief

Although nanoreliefTM pain relieving gel is not a consumable product, we still include SuperSorb® in its ingredients. The SuperSorb® allows the gel to be absorbed more quickly than other pain relieving gels. This allows nanoreliefTM to provide you with faster relief of your aches and pains.

Offering All of Our Nutraceuticals to You in Powder Form

You take health supplements to increase your intake of nutraceuticals (or functional foods). By combining the unique delivery system of SuperSorb® with the availability of our supplements in powder form, our products provide greater natural absorption and utilization of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients by your body.

We utilize SuperSorb® in all of our products:


High-quality, Scientifically-backed Products:
Greater Value for Your Money

It's no secret that the unique delivery system and our high quality ingredients found in our products increases the cost.  However, at BioPharma Scientific we stand behind our use of SuperSorb® because it provides you with the best product. Because your body better absorbs the nutrients and phytonutrients of our functional foods, you get a better value for your money. In short, you are getting more nutrients for less money than any other supplement or food for that matter.

Your health is our business. Because of this, we believe that regardless of the monetary cost of the final product, the most expensive products are the ones that don't do what they are supposed to do, thereby costing you your health.

Find a local retailer for SuperSorb® products or request a free sample before you buy. We look forward to helping you maintain and improve your health.