Online Glossary

ALA/DHA/EPA: important omega-3 fatty acids for eye, brain, heart, skin and joints.

Alkalizing: the opposite of acidifying

Antioxidant: inhibits aging of cells

Bioavailability: measure of absorption

cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practices

Colostrum: nutrient rich ”first milk” from the mammary glands of mammals.

EFA: fats essential to human health

Glutathione: major antioxidant and detoxifier

Isoflavone: a natural plant estrogen found in soy

Micro-encapsulation: Encapsulating in sizes less than a micron, usually with phospholipids

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): Bioavailable source of sulfur for skin, hair, nails and joints. Available in most Health Stores.

non-GMO: no genetically modified organisms

ORAC: A scientific measure of antioxidant power

Phospholipid: Natural fats found in our cell walls

Phytoestrogen: natural estrogen in foods

Phyto-Extracts: super nutrients from plants

Phytonutrient: special health promoting compounds found in plants

Polypeptides: Immune and repair factors found in colostrum

Polyphenol: antioxidants found in berries, tea and wine

Prebiotic: soluble fibers that support friendly micro-organisms in our intestines

Probiotics: friendly micro-organisms in our intestines that support digestion and immunity

Soluble fiber: natural fiber that helps maintain normal cholesterol and blood sugar; also inhibits appetite and promotes healthy digestion

SuperFoods: Foods especially rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients and zoonutrients

SuperSorb: Enhanced delivery system wherein highly bio-available forms of micronutrients and microencapsulation in natural phospholipids are utilized to help maximize nutrient absorption.

Undenatured: not inactivated with heat

Whey: The type of protein in cow’s milk that is also richest in human breast milk.

Zoonutrients: special health promoting compounds found in meat, fish, egg and dairy products, especially whey and colostrum