EPA Awesomeness
The power of tocotrienols

 If you currently take or want to take (which you should!) a fishoil supplement, then you probably already know the benefits of fishoil.  We could go on and on about WHY you need to take your fishoil daily, but instead we would much rather toot our own horn and tell you how awesome nanoEPA is.  We go above and beyond what other supplements offer and provide a product that demands desease prevention... and a wish for seconds.

First lets start with the basics:  We taste phenominal!  nanoEPA (along with the rest of the nano-line) is kid approved.  Kiddos say it tastes just like a starburst.  We've heard meringue pie, lemon pudding... its desert in a bottle that happens to be free of articifical sweeteners, excess sugar or any other uncecessary fillers or GMO's.  nanoEPA is delicious, without any hint of 'fish'.  We don't hit you with the dreaded 'fish burps' later either.  nanoEPA is emulsified, which means your body absorbs every ounce of its deliciousness, preventing uncomfortable breakdown during the digestion process often associated with most fishoil pills on the market.

Now that we've covered what often keeps clients from trying the product, lets tackle what REALLY sets nanoEPA apart from everything else out there: tocotrienols.  nanoEPA with DHA is emulsified fish oil with vitamin D & E PLUS tocotrienols!  Tocotrienols are members of the Vitamin E family and studies show they can help prevent cancer, increase cardiovascular and metabolic health and clear skin.  Prevenet cancer?  Improve heart and metabolic health?  Erase age and sun spots?  Would you like us to say thank you now, or later?

DavosLife Science published research and studied tocotrienols and their benefits.  Here is what they found:

Cancer:  Tocotrienols, besides killing normal cancer cells, could also kill prostate cancer stem cells that are unaffected by Docetaxel, a common chemotherapy drug.  Cancer stem cells are believed to be responsible for cancer initiation and recurrence.  DavosLife research showed that the development of prostate cancer tumours was prevented in mice pre-treated with gamma-tocotrienol through a stem cell-targeting mechanism.  This suggests that gamma-tocotrienol has the potential to be used for prostate cancer prevention and treatment.

Metabolic Syndrome:  Gamma-and-delta-tocotrienols were found to lower triglyceride formation and transportation.  Triglycerides are a form of fat, and high levels are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.  Tocotrienols were shown to reduce the production and transport of triglyceride by 28% after eight weeks twice daily dupplementation.

Skin Depigmentation:  Tocotrienol is able to promote skin depigmentation through inhibition of the key protein tyrosinase in melanin synthesis.  Tocotrienols reduced melanin production by up to 55% via inhibition of tyrosinase enzyme activity.

Sound too good to be true?  We'll break it down for you one more time:  nanoEPA tastes great, wont give you nasty fish burps, is easly absorbed and your kiddos will LOVE it.  It can target prostate cancer stem cells that a common chemotherapy drug can't.  It can lower cholesterol and trigyceride levels and not only repairs and hydrates skin, it helps to reverse and erase age and sun spots.  And that nanofriends is nanolove in a happy little bottle.

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